Socks on Fire

Feature / Transgenerational Docudrama -- Late Production
Selected documentary feature for the 2018 IFP Filmmaker Lab

A failed poet takes up cinematic arms when he returns home to Hokes Bluff, Alabama to discover that his aunt has locked his drag-queen uncle out of the family home

Socks on Fire:

Uncle John and the Copper Headed Water Rattlers

Short / Fever Dream Version of the Feature

A lyrical meditation exploring personal family relationships, archetypes and myths through a variety of means & textures.

Alabama Snipe Fight

Feature — In Development

2017 Purple List Recipient
(As seen in the Hollywood Reporter)

A young white girl discovers her magic as she fantasizes about joining a black step team in order to escape her racist father.

Please note: this teaser is made with Barbie Dolls and voiced by the actual people who inspired the characters.
I do not intend to execute the film in this manner.


Feature / Horror -- In Development

Vestal, a young girl in 1930s Alabama makes a deal with the devil that comes due after she becomes a 1980s gospel music queen.


Television Drama – In Development

After their father’s death and four years of silence between them, two half-sisters are forced to reunite and face the things they’ve buried in the suddenly changing landscape of their hometown, Hokes Bluff, Alabama.

Sandra Ifraimova Award, chosen by Spike Lee

Sunshine Supreme

Narrative Feature – In Development

Five aging beauty queens in the Florida panhandle race to hide their deepest secrets when they agree to be the subjects of a reality television show.


Narrartive Short film – Premiered at Sidewalk Film Festival. East coast premiere at Charleston Film Festival.

Two half-sisters, one a local beautician, one an up and coming country music star, are forced into reuniting long enough to bury their dead father.